Welcome to Disturbia, one of the fastest growing independent {subculture} fashion brands on the Web.
Founded in 2003 by Fashion and Photography graduates Francis and Helen, Disturbia was built on a desire to ‘disturb the suburbs’ by creating unconventionally authentic attire for those with a penchant for all things strange and unusual.


Channeling the Jungian archetype of the Rebellious Magician, our designs are informed by an attraction to the mysterious domains of the esoteric and the occult, and a disinterest in homogenous fashion.
What once was considered ‘Alternative Fashion’ has risen from the underground to proliferate the mainstream, and we’ve ridden the wave down that proverbial river for the past twenty (!) years; along the way amassing a growing gang of kindred spirits - a truly global community of individuals.

Our products are available exclusively here at www.disturbia.co.uk. We do not wholesale or sell our products through third-party retailers, so you know that by buying directly from us you are obtaining 100% official Disturbia goods.


Our Headquarters are based in beautiful Northumberland, England and we also run a London studio. Our in-house team consists of Design, Product, Content, Social Media, Customer Service, HR, Logistics and Management departments, who work collaboratively to create the end-product and to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Our manufacturing is carried out at our approved and vetted, long-term manufacturing partners across China, Turkey, India, and the UK, where quality, factory conditions and staff welfare are at the top of our agenda.

We employ an ultramodern warehousing and distribution facility in the UK and in the USA to store, dispatch and deliver our products to your door, in the most prompt and efficient manner.
Our brand new facility in Ohio supports our customer experience in the USA, Canada, Australia and many more destinations with cheaper, faster shipping and cheaper, more convenient returns.
We're UK-based with a global mindset, and our current team of circa 40 members mostly identify as female. We strive for our #disturbiaclothing online community to be a place of total inclusivity, as well as a movement of people who dress, think and act outside the box of normalcy. We use our platforms to inspire and empower by fostering a community spirit.


As a rapidly growing company it is our responsibility to ensure we are actively improving sustainability across all areas of our operations, and we want to be transparent in doing so. It is a constantly evolving process.

Our goal is to completely remove single-use plastics from all of our packaging. We only use recyclable mailing bags to ship our orders; we have removed excessive, surplus packaging, and we use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible.

We are dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions in our production chain, and we do so by planting trees with Ecologi for carbon offsetting, powering our HQ with sustainable energy, and we prioritize sea shipping in our production supply chain.
A further goal is to increasingly use recycled and non-plastic-based fabrics in our clothing and accessories. Disturbia only uses vegan fabrics and trims; all of our fur and leather are false. We use sustainable, organic BCI cotton whenever possible.

We also support Amnesty International, Save The Children and the British Heart Foundation with monthly charitable donations.
We sincerely hope you love the products you buy from us, and that you wear them time and again, and when you’re finally ready to part ways, you consider re-selling or donating them.
Our ultimate goal is to create and deliver exclusive and aspirational clothing and accessories and to do so in the most sustainable and conscientious way; whilst being as inclusive and empowering as we can.
Thanks for reading and being a part of our community.
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Silverton Court
Northumberland Business Park
NE23 7RY
United Kingdom